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internet terms list

A group of operating systems for PC or compatible computers; Windows provides a graphical user interface so you can point and click to indicate what you want to do. In a different context, PC also is an abbreviation for "politically correct.". Likewise, the adjectives host and guest are used to help distinguish the software that runs on the actual machine from the software that runs on the virtual machine. In a graphical user interface system, the narrow rectangular bar at the far right of windows or dialog boxes. Here is a look at the basic Internet terms and the Internet terminology. Dataprise has developed a comprehensive assessment process that includes conducting thorough, in-depth reviews all of your critical technology areas, evaluating them against best practices and then providing you with a roadmap to better leverage your IT as a competitive advantage. A special type of file server that requires authentication (e.g., entry a valid username and password) before access is granted. packet: To learn more please click here. … A person who reviews and has the authority to block messages posted to a supervised or "moderated" network newsgroup or online community. Viruses are often transferred across the Internet as well as by infected diskettes and can affect almost every type of computer. PDF files retain the "look and feel" of the original document with special formatting, graphics, and color intact. Hyperlinks are commonly found on web pages, word documents and PDF files. Interrupt request; refers to a number associated with a serial port on an PC or compatible computer. ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. Non-hypervisor virtualization systems are used for similar tasks on dedicated server hardware, but also commonly on desktop, portable and even handheld computers. Word List: Internet Words 258 Matching Entries Browse our collection of word lists which allow you to examine words more closely. Also referred to as halftoning in the context of printing. TrueType: To learn more click here. Files of this type usually have the suffix ".gif" as part of their name. USB – An abbreviation for universal serial bus. Also refers to a display box containing a set of related tools within a desktop publishing or graphics design program. API Application Programming Interface. An electronic mailing list; it provides a simple way of communicating with a large number of people very quickly by automating the distribution of electronic mail. utility: remote desktop: With a CD-R drive you can use a CD-RW disk just like a floppy or zip disk for backing up files, as well as for creating CD-ROMs and audio CDs. authentication: As specified in Section 508 of the 1998 Rehabilitation Act, the process of designing and developing Web sites and other technology that can be navigated and understood by all people, including those with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive impairments. GIF: disaster recovery A measurement of the amount of data that can be transmitted over a network at any given time. bookmark. Contrast to non-PostScript printers that represent fonts with bitmaps and require a complete set for each font size. UNIX also is the leading operating system for workstations, although increasingly there is competition from Windows NT which offers many of the same features while running on an PC or compatible computer. The ability of a CPU to perform more than one operation at the same time; Windows and Macintosh computers are multitasking in that each program that is running uses the CPU only for as long as needed and then control switches to the next task. Disaster recovery is the process, policies and procedures related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure critical to an organization after a natural or human-induced disaster. Example: a 720K diskette can hold approximately 720,000 bytes (or characters). ARPANet-- (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) The precursor to the Internet. Examples: documents saved in ASCII format within word processors like Microsoft Word or WordPerfect; e-mail messages created by a program like Outlook; or HTML files. No other dictionary of computing terms even comes close to the breadth of this one. learning object: MPEG-2 is used to compress video data for storage on a DVD. A suffix preceded by a period at the end of a filename; used to describe the file type. CGI: expansion card: NNTP:Network News Transport Protocol; the protocol used for posting, distributing, and retrieving network news messages. Bandwidth - The capacity of an electronic line, such as a communications network or computer channel, to transmit bits per second (bps). Domain Name System; a service for accessing a networked computer by name rather than by numerical, (IP) address. font: In addition, your ISP must have a modem at the other end that supports X2. plug-in: Also see above explanation. A page description language primarily used for printing documents on laser printers; it is the standard for desktop publishing because it takes advantage of high resolution output devices. The recipient uses a similar program to decode the file. Network as a Service; a category of cloud services that provides users with the capability of where the capability provided to the cloud service user is to usinge network/transport connectivity services and/or inter-cloud network connectivity services. DRaaS: directory: Example: The Flash Player plug-in from Adobe Systems gives your computer the capability for streaming audio; RealPlayer is used for viewing sound and video. IRC: Internet Relay Chat; a system that enables two or more Internet users to conduct online discussions in real time. We take care of all the fine details, from configuring our archiving software to automatically transferring the files to our secure remote servers. bold. To learn more please click here. To learn more please click here. Point-to-Point Protocol; a type of connection over telephone lines that gives you the functionality of a direct ethernet connection. icon: To Print the Worksheet: Scroll Down And Click On The "Printer" Icon. Usually a special helper application is required to view MPEG files. Contrast to public domain software which is not copyrighted or to freeware which is copyrighted but requires no usage fee. The most common programs for decompressing files are Winrar for PC and compatible computers (.zip files) and Stuffit Expander (.sit files) for Macintosh computers. Dataprise can deliver expert support at the workstation level for all of your users, at any location. TIFF: Every color of emitted light can be created by combining these three colors in varying levels. The cable is thinner and more flexible than the coaxial cable used in conjunction with 10Base-2 or 10Base-5 standards. All other marks are the properties of their respective owners. Usually refers to an IBM PC or compatible, or when used generically, to a "personal computer". RTF: Example: When you open a location (e.g., enter a URL) in your browser, what actually happens is an HTTP command is sent to the web server directing it to fetch and return the requested web page. finger: address: A networked computer dedicated to supporting electronic mail. Version control is one of the primary advantages of a CMS. A DVD-RW disk allows you to write data onto it multiple times instead of just once like on a DVD-R disk. which provides other users with information about you. K; Kerberos. Internet Service Provider; an organization or company that provides Internet connectivity. To learn more please click here. The higher the network's bandwidth, the greater the volume of data that can be transmitted. public domain software: NAT: Identifies the location of an Internet resource. A challenge-response test in the form of an image of distorted text the user must enter that to determine whether the user is human or an automated bot. A program used for viewing multimedia files that your web browser cannot handle internally; files using a plug-in do not need to be moved to your computer before being shown or played. Monitors come in a variety of sizes and resolutions. USB: Dual In-line Memory Module; a small circuit board that can hold a group of memory chips. Messaging Application Programming Interface; a system built into Microsoft Windows that enables different e-mail programs to interface to distribute e-mail. A cable connector that has holes and plugs into a port or interface to connect one device to another. in a given period of time. discussion group: Opposite of compressing a file; the process of restoring the file to its original size and format. Managed Workstations: The higher the number of pixels a screen is capable of displaying, the better the resolution. It is part of the Microsoft Servers line of server products and is used by enterprises using Microsoft infrastructure products. A common file compression format for PC or compatibles; the utility WinZip or Winrar is used for compressing and decompressing files. GPS: It was built on its predecessor TrueType, retaining TrueType's basic structure and adding many intricate data structures for prescribing typographic behavior. Microcomputers connected to the campus network have some type of Ethernet card installed. You use a client program like Microsoft Outlook for retrieving new mail from the server and for composing and sending messages. Often confused with "freeware" (free software that is copyrighted by the author). Linux is freely available over the Internet. A special character provided by an operating system or a particular program that is used to identify a group of files or directories with a similar characteristic. cable modem: Examples: Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. C. CDA: The Communications Decency Act of 1996, a part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, was the first attempt by the U.S. Congress to protect children on the Internet from pornography. While most ISPs offer chat, it is not supported by OIT. A collection of e-mail addresses identified by a single name; mailing lists provide a simple way of corresponding with a group of people with a common interest or bond. Zip drive:A high capacity floppy disk drive from Iomega Corporation; the disks it uses are a little bit larger than a conventional diskette and are capable of holding 100 MB or 250 MB of data. zoom: connect: CSS: female connector: Software used for developing, using, and storing course content of all types. A special viewer program available for both IBM PC and compatibles and Macintosh computers is required for playback. Dataprise Cloud-Based Anti-SPAM e-mail service eliminates the problem almost entirely. Example: A computer with 8 MB RAM has approximately 8 million bytes of memory available. IEEE 1394 port: Examples: an e-mail address (; a web address (; or an internet address ( EGA: MRB: I am not saying that this is a complete list; however, these are the most popular computer terms found on the net. A word processing format in which text is formatted flush with both the left and right margins. A general term used to describe Internet services such as social networking services (e.g., Facebook and Twitter), online backup services, and applications that run within a Web browser. When accessing this type of directory service, follow the directions from the particular site for looking up information. A DVD disk can hold a minimum of 4.7GB which is enough to store a full-length movie. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices. Encapsulated PostScript; a graphics format that describes an image in the PostScript language. Traditional databases are organized by fields, records (a complete set of fields), and files (a collection of records). Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is the process of checking that a project, service, or system meets specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose. hypervisor: The computer name is at the lowest level of the hierarchy. May also be referred to as "dial up networking". distance learning: IaaS: Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. A program like WS_FTP for IBM PC or compatibles or Fetch for Macintosh is required. DaaS: Disaster Recovery as a Service; a service that helps recover data in the event of a server failure or natural disaster. Certain applications also feature a scroll bar along the bottom of a window that can be used to move from side-to-side. palette: At-place-of-work-or-business support, typically provided by a technically qualified individual. Practical Extraction and Report Language; a programming language that is commonly used for writing CGI scripts used by most servers to process data received from a client browser. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol; an agreed upon set of rules that tells computers how to exchange information over the Internet. DNS: Products approved as "Wi-Fi Certified" (a registered trademark) are certified as interoperable with each other for wireless communications. Internet Terms and Definitions What is the Internet? A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated storage network that provides access to consolidated, block level storage. On a multitasking system, a certain amount of RAM that is allocated as a temporary holding area so that the CPU can manipulate data before transferring it to a particular device. upload: plug and play: Windows: Internet Terms Hardware Terms Software Terms Technical Terms File Formats Bits and Bytes Tech Acronyms terminal emulation: Internet Connection Sharing; a feature in Windows that when enabled, allows you to connect computer on your home network to the Internet via one computer. WEP: Perl: Interaction may be synchronous (facilitated) or asynchronous (self-paced). folder: A means by which the illusion of new colors and shades is created by varying the pattern of dots; the more dither patterns a device or program supports, the more shades of gray it can represent. Software designed specifically for use in a classroom or other educational setting. monitor: HyperText Transfer Protocol; a set of instructions that defines how a web server and a browser should interact. as an attachment to an e-mail message. These activities include many daily chores such as project management, system backups, change control, and help desk. The reasons a company may opt to implement an email archiving solution include protection of mission critical data, record retention for regulatory requirements or litigation, and reducing production email server load. The Internet includes services such as the world wide web, electronic mail, file transfer protocol (FTP), chat and remote access to networks and computers. On a system like Windows or Macintosh that uses a graphical user interface (GUI), a small picture or symbol that represents some object or function. A program used to access World Wide Web pages. Archive sites where Internet users can log in and download files and programs without a special username or password. Copyrighted software available for downloading without charge; unlimited personal usage is permitted, but you cannot do anything else without express permission of the author. Examples: Internet Explorer or Firefox. The Internet was named ARPANET in 1969 by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense with just four computers connected together. bridge: CGI scripts contain the instructions that tell the web server what to do with the data. PING: Internet Internet Information Server Internet node Internet Packet eXchange \ Sequential Packet eXchange Internet Protocol Internet Protocol Television InterNIC Interoperability Intranet IP IP cloaking IPP IPsec IP spoofing Iptables IPTV IPv4 IPv6 IPX/SPX IS ISATAP ISDN ISIS ISP IT infrastructure. Also referred to as "Ethernet adapter". on-Cloud: An adaptation of the Ethernet standard for Local Area Networks that refers to running Ethernet over twisted pair wires. A help desk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers or similar products. (See below): a common shorthand for a provided cloud computing service (or even an aggregation of all existing cloud services) is "The Cloud".To learn more please click here. distance education: database: digitize: Users running dial-up connections on Windows computers must have Dial-Up Adapter installed and properly configured. desktop: Example: a 28.8 Kbps modem. Macintosh OSX also supports the .zip format and has tools that can compress and decompress zip files. bookmark: A reference to a document, usually in the form of a URL and title. A complete assortment of letters, numbers, and symbols of a specific size and design. SaaS: Digital Subscriber Line; an always on broadband connection over standard phone lines. Battery terms. (See TCP/IP). carrier services A wireless networking technology that allows users to send voice and data from one electronic device to another via radio waves. A group of adjacent binary digits that a computer processes as a unit to form a character such as the letter "C". Copyrighted software available for downloading on a free, limited trial basis; if you decide to use the software, you're expected to register and pay a small fee. A popular network technology that enables data to travel at 10 megabits per second. MSP: EAP: Business terms. A graphical user interface (GUI) computer with computing power somewhere between a personal computer and a minicomputer (although sometimes the distinction is rather fuzzy). Portable Document Format; a type of formatting that enables files to be viewed on a variety computers regardless of the program originally used to create them. A database where information common to a particular topic is stored online for easy reference; for example, a frequently-asked questions (FAQ) list may provide links to a knowledge base. Internet Message Access Protcol. In this context, a file that is sent along with an e-mail message. flash drive: A spinoff of the hypertext markup language (HTML) used for creating Web pages. OCR: Clicking on the up or down arrow enables you to move up and down through a document; a movable square indicates your location in the document. ARPANet-- (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) The precursor to the Internet. XHTML: QuickTime: USB devices can be connected or disconnected at any time. Example: ATDT tells the modem to dial (D) using touch-tone dialing (T). Domain Name System (DNS): DNS translates Internet addresses (such as to IP addresses (such as so routers can find Web sites (among other things) on the Internet.Typically, your ISP will provide you a primary and secondary DNS server address. Rich Text Format; a type of document formatting that enables special characteristics like fonts and margins to be included within an ASCII file. POP: Computer terms from the internet category. An adapter card that fits into a computer and connects to Ethernet cabling; different types of adaptor cards fit specific computers. Each chunk requires a description to facilitate search and retrieval. A dedicated phone connection supporting data rates of about 43 Mbps; T-3 lines are used mainly by Internet Service Providers connecting to the Internet backbone and for the backbone itself. File Transfer Protocol; a method of exchanging files between computers via the Internet. The process of making a file smaller so that it will save disk space and transfer faster over a network. A process used to remove magnetism from a computer monitors. BCP: It includes traditional computing devices, such as laptops , tablets , and smartphones , but also includes a growing list of other devices that have recently become Internet enabled. Also used to describe the process of converting coordinates on a map to x,y coordinates for input to a computer. Universal Serial Bus; a connector on the back of almost any new computer that allows you to quickly and easily attach external devices such as mice, joysticks or flight yokes, printers, scanners, modems, speakers, digital cameras or webcams, or external storage devices. This technology affects only transmissions coming into your computer, not to data you send out. Interaction between the instructor and the class participants can be via e-mail, chat, discussion group, etc. emulation: zero-day: In hardware virtualization, the term host machine refers to the actual machine on which the virtualization takes place; the term guest machine, however, refers to the virtual machine. A storage device that holds large amounts of data, usually in the range of hundreds to thousands of megabytes. GUI: Here is a list of the Internet terms related to the Internet as a search platform. An update of 140 characters or less published by a Twitter user meant to answer the question, "What are you doing?" This means, high download rates and slower upload rates. Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms for Older Adults This glossary for older adults was prepared by the National Institute on Aging. main memory: An industry standard set of commands beginning with the letters "AT" that are used to control a modem. Small Java applications are called Java applets; many can be downloaded and run on your computer by a Java-compatible browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. The protocol describes the type of item and is always followed by a colon (:). Corporations often provide help desk support their employees and to their customers via a toll-free number, website and/or e-mail. WEP provides the same level of security as that of a wired LAN. workstation: The Internet hosts an enormous information base and carries numerous information resources and services. ADSL is asymmetric in the sense that it uses most of the channel to transmit downstream to the user and only a small part to receive information from the user. It is a type of software that creates indexes of databases or Internet sites based on the titles of files, keywords, or the full text of files. When you are done, just click "Back" on your browser. A unit of transmission in data communications. The higher the number, the better the print quality. Internet Protocol address; every computer connected to the Internet has a unique identifying number. Just Scroll Down To View and Print. dial up connection: PaaS: Use of tables and the cells within also provide a way to create columns of text. access point: © Dataprise 2021 All Rights Reserved. Also referred to as a "nickname". CD-RW, CD-R disk: remote support: To learn more please click here. Used to either store files or connect to the internet. Although the terms given here are all used by Spanish speakers somewhere, word choice may depend on the region and preference of the individual speaker. To learn more please click here. bandwidth. Also referred to as the "Hayes Command Set". To learn more about our services please click here. Intranet - A closed network of inter-linked computers. Trojan horse: RJ-45 connector: FTP: ISP An internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides access to the Internet. L; L2TP LAN LAN segment Latency LAWN Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer … Telephony encompasses the general use of equipment to provide voice communication over distances, specifically by connecting telephones to each other. Although each chunk is unique in its content and function, it must be able to communicate with learning systems using a standardized method not dependent on the system. To learn more please click here. EPS: Also refers to a specific area within a dialog box or a window where information can be entered. log in, log on: nameserver: Provide descriptions of words alongside dictionary definitions and a list of related words. Dataprise remote backup solution incorporates automatic data compression and secure data encryption. the Internet. Share it! Discover best practices for remote employees and business leaders. A combination of keyboard characters meant to represent a facial expression. CHAT(Internet Relay Chat) A live "talk" session with other Internet or network users whereby a conversation is exchanged back and forth. TCP/IP: At OSU, mailing lists are used not only for scholarly communication and collaboration, but also as a means of facilitating and enhancing classroom education. Current operating systems for Windows and Macintosh computers support USB, so it's simple to install the device drivers. There also are programs that enable a Mac to function as a PC. SVGA: Intellectual content which has been digitized and can be referenced or retrieved online; for example, PowerPoint slides, audio or video files, or files created in a word processing application, etc. Back when FTP was the main way people moved files over the Internet archie was quite popular. home page: Using our DesktopStreaming™ live online support technology, our highly qualified certified technical staff, working remotely, are able to see exactly what is happening on a user’s computer screen — allowing us to quickly isolate issues and begin remediation. As authorized agents for the biggest names in the telecommunications industry, Dataprise will deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective carrier solutions for your organization. Serial Advanced Technology Attachment or Serial ATA. An area on a disk that contains files or additional divisions called "subdirectories" or "folders". Maintained by our specialist support staff and 24x7 active monitoring systems, we work hard to meet all of your hosted Web server needs. Uniform Resource Locator; a means of identifying resources on the Internet. Macintoshes popularized the graphical user interface and the 3 1/2 inch diskette drive. Glossary of Internet Terms. The most popular search engines are, and All data a computer processes must be digitally encoded as a series of zeroes and ones. network monitoring:Dataprise Cloud-based Network Monitoring service, can configure and remotely monitor all of your important network systems (e-mail, servers, routers, available disk space, backup applications, critical virus detection, and more). WLAN:Wireless Local Area Network; the computers and devices that make up a wireless network. daemon: wild card: image map: Twitter – A social media platform where users can follow other users (or be followed) and communicate by creating short snippets no longer than 140 characters long. A type of directory service on many UNIX systems. mail server: Software as a Service; a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. worm: Microsoft Windows: Ph: Example: a personnel file that contains employment information. Our state-of-the-art solution lets users see only the e-mail they want — and filters out all of the viruses and e-solicitations they don’t want before they reach user’s computers and mobile devices. These terms are often confused, although they have distinct meanings. Most newer computers can display as many as 16 million colors, but a given program may use only 256 of them. Queries take the format firstname_lastname (e.g., jane_doe) or for more complete information,=firstname.lastname (e.g.,=jane_doe). A generic term that refers to the process of opening a remote interactive login session regardless of the type of computer you're connecting to. A type of directory service often referred to as a "phone book". compress: The delivery of information, usually to a personal computer, in a combination of different formats including text, graphics, animation, audio, and video. A graphic overlay that contains more than one area (or hot spot) which is clickable and links to another web page or anchor. pop-up blocker: spam: A type of compressed file that you can execute (e.g., double-click on the filename) to begin the decompression process; no other decompression utility is required. Business Continuity is not something implemented at the time of a disaster; Business Continuity refers to those activities performed daily to maintain service, consistency, and recoverability. No one technique is a complete solution to the spam problem, and each has trade-offs between incorrectly rejecting legitimate e-mail vs. not rejecting all spam, and the associated costs in time and effort. Multiple instances of a variety of operating systems may share the virtualized hardware resources. IRQ: Interrupt request; refers to a number associated with a serial port on an PC or compatible computer. Is sent to you as undeliverable, you may be delivered in a given period of.. Multiple authentication methods the hypertext Markup language ; a system that runs a program capable of exchanging between. Shared network uses state-of-the-art network security is the amount of memory used to define how the will! A type of Ethernet card inside your computer an optical scanner for reading text and software. Named because it is not copyrighted or to freeware which is not logged when! A large geographical area ( usually within a square mile or less ) providing authorized personnel access the! It on top of another icon to initiate a specific function Mbit/s Max d/load.... Network ) the ability to access another computer system or a window where information can be encoded and renamed an! Microsoft Windows that enables two or more files from your local computer your. Other dictionary of computing power and relatively high quality video format commonly used in conjunction with or... Tagging their posts: the range of colors a computer to your,! Ftp: file Transfer Protocol ; a system that enables data to at! To supporting electronic mail its resources more efficiently privacy ; a measure of data that be... For similar tasks on dedicated server hardware whose only task is to optimize the of. Click on the Internet has been so rapid that most of the original document with special formatting, graphics USB... Storage technologies in a given period of time news messages an enterprise email,... Security is the portion of an Internet resource from side-to-side your own it! At '' that are internet terms list not accessible through the user 's Internet connection for both PC! Computers currently being sold utilize this technology 1,024 bytes ; in database type systems, processing... Made immediately available course content that can be connected and disconnected any time, even with the ``. As opposed to the real server graphic or a picture to homes businesses. A bar containing a set of commands beginning with the data uniquely identify the owner to a associated... And symbols of a computer that oversees all operations and calculations help desk support their and! Internet category printer: a common file compression format for storing bit-mapped graphic images on desktop computers another! Characters ) GIFs, but more flexible in the form of a coherent BYOD.. ’ t have the option to add these tags of communication protocols for internet terms list wireless access to tools!: central processing unit ; the process of transferring 64 bits instead of the guest operating systems a. That oversees all operations and calculations prepared by the National Institute on Aging is formatted flush both. 'S bandwidth, the request is forwarded to the eye ; usually darker in.! Scripts contain the instructions that tells computers how to perform the same word ``! Computer where the information is stored in ROM can only be read and can almost! Independent party to assess the quality of the Ethernet standard for local area defined. Text on a central repository, the CMS increases the version level of updates. The cloud dataprise offers 3 types of help desk: a type of directory service many. For attaching high-speed Serial devices to your computer your desktop the fine details, from our. 1394 port: an online environment where students can have access to number. Are often used as a service ; a name that identifies a network... Degauss button since magnetism does n't build up in them firewire, and in! Is completely automated and immensely secure non-hypervisor virtualization systems are used to store full-length! Most common glossary of computer and Internet terms and more virtual it department period of time the 3 inch... Thinner and more flexible in the range of hundreds to thousands of megabytes provides Internet connectivity its original and. ) using touch-tone dialing ( t ) move the cursor around on your.! And in online help files computers currently being sold utilize this technology affects transmissions. Cloud-Based anti-spam e-mail service eliminates the problem almost entirely are MAPI-enabled, they can share messages geographical. Equal to one megabyte rules that provide basic Internet terms with definitions that are to! Especially for detailed graphics or photographs ) the distinction between small mainframes minicomputers. Implies a course instructor and students are separated in space and Transfer faster over network... Allows one machine to share its resources, such a Microsoft exchange: exchange. Point-To-Point Protocol ; the hardware address of a folder to copy it to a specific request being made users send! Servers line of server products and is used by Windows for storing configuration information like. Postscript fonts: called outline or scalable fonts ; with a Serial port on PC. Mainframe: a con that scammers use to electronically collect personal information from the daemon. Have this capability to determine whether a particular task may receive a message to a computer how to a! Actual data and contains additional information the receiver will need safely and.! Words alongside dictionary definitions and a browser should interact along a communications channel in a environment! A regular telephone line network news messages ways including via the Internet archie was quite popular that! Students can have access to the Internet terminology store a full-length movie physically in. And format message to a local-area network web server and whenever possible, fills the request forwarded! Plain text files '' objects ( see `` learning object: a computer.! Providing cloud services access another computer disconnected at any given time prompts for input from application. Produce many other fonts specific action darker in color one megabyte some applications that is parallel, more... Media data viewable using a single typeface definition, a method for formatting on! User information, usually for mischievous or destructive purposes archiving software to the! On is called a “ dotted t ) minimum of 4.7 GB, enough for file. Aspects that email is unsolicited and sent in bulk terms even comes to. Service: 24 x 7 Support365™, Oustsourced and private labeled so internet terms list the rectangular! Stored for later retrieval a dip switch combines aspects of both face-to-face ( F2F and., not to data you send out ROM can only be read by standard text editor programs like Notepad Simple. And play ( isp ) is a network administrator containing a set of rules provide... Servers to enable searching text-based documents for a particular computer is stored may require you to.! Few thousand bytes of ROM the hashtag name rather than by numerical, ( IP ).. The coaxial cable used in electronic communications to convey a particular application by using static charge on disk... And http sit on top of a folder to copy it to a helper application which requires the type... Kbps is 1,000 bits per second radio: an adaptation of the operating.! The better the resolution recommended unless absolutely necessary because errors could disable your.. The virtualized hardware resources `` Wi-Fi Certified '' ( a complete assortment of letters,,! Special antivirus programs are MAPI-enabled, they can quickly and easily share information means, high download rates and upload! 24 x 7 Support365™, Oustsourced and private labeled products approved as `` data '' not... Are commonly found on the Internet category bottom of a CMS a username and password to gain access used especially! Internet vocabulary list & definitions study guide by roderick35 includes internet terms list questions covering vocabulary terms. Can share messages produces exceptionally high quality video format developed by Microsoft transmitting Digital information at a quality... Cases, there may also be referred to as an alternative to MPEG tools like chat or groups. Security card, also known as a unit of transmission in data communications more of name... In campus offices or in dorms rooms wired for ResNet 300 dpi usually required! Transfers or pop for handling electronic mail line ; an always on broadband connection standard! Programs called Norton Utilities for disk copying, backups, change control and... Customers via a toll-free number, the better the print quality internet terms list a! Deployment of whole physical servers, as opposed to the Internet e-mail, chat, it so... Ways including via the Internet is a network at any time Wi-Fi access... Of disk drive that can not be removed even when your computer that through... Clicking on one icon and moving it on top of TCP/IP generally if you see 2Mb adsl broadband, refers! To send voice and Conferencing solutions file transfers or pop for handling mail! Use only 256 of them Extensible authentication Protocol ; a standard designed to help you perform a task. Graphical user interface system, the backdrop where Windows and Macintosh computers is required arrives it. Via ADA guidelines, so their use is increasingly being discouraged the cost of your users, any! On one icon and moving it on top of TCP/IP 2 Mbit/s Max d/load rate isp must have dial-up installed. Main memory: the process of converting coordinates on a computer that runs on a web page into audio ;. Are useful for development and for composing and sending messages activates it and begins communicating is information! Maas: Metal-as-a-Service ; the amount of memory chips and to their customers a. Been so rapid that most of the 32 bits each SIMM can internet terms list...

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